A complete location service tailored to your needs.

Spectrum Universal Address Module

Save time and meet customer needs with accurate address information you can rely on.

Universal Addressing Module is easy to use and works with the Spectrum Technology Platform to offer vital address validation, correction and standardisation. With central administration and consistent display, UAM can help you improve your company’s communications.

The Spectrum Universal Addressing Module has sophisticated features to ensure your customer address verification processes are efficient and effective.

Powerful address verification capabilities

The Spectrum Universal Addressing Module is powerful enough to handle all of your address verification and standardisation needs. Capable of verifying addresses in more than 220 countries in real-time situations, it can automatically recognise data by country, and can even confirm primary house numbers and apartment numbers.
This exceptional address verification software ensures that your data is correctly formatted and validated, and can handle multi-national characters and apply casing, so you can personalise your marketing communications.

Flexible, advanced architecture

Our address verification software features advanced architecture, which enables you to use data quality services within your organisation or via hosted services. A highly scalable solution, the Spectrum Universal Addressing Module supports Java, COM, C, .NET and C interfaces, and can be used for address verification on your business’s website ordering system as well as in a call centre environment.

Simple to use for employees and customers

The Spectrum Universal Addressing Module is designed with the user in mind, so it’s simple to use. With straightforward navigation options and excellent support functions, it’s the perfect option whether you want to use it within your call centre or integrate it with your online ordering system.

Spectrum Spatial

Anytime, anywhere location-based insights

Intelligent solutions for getting from thought to action to implementation as quickly as possible

As enterprises expand across the globe, having instant access to streamlined location data is essential, so you can make fast, informed, and profitable business decisions. The Spectrum Spatial Module provides you with the spatial location solutions you need, allowing data to be centralized, integrated and utilized across your organization.

Intelligent location-based features

Spectrum Spatial provides a platform that enables organizations to easily leverage, centralize and integrate complex spatial data across the organization. Spectrum Spatial provides standards-based Web Services technology, a suite of location capabilities commonly used across hundreds of application requirements – and the ability to centrally manage and apply those capabilities enterprise-wide.
Its state-of-the-art functions include:

  • Consistent view of data across the organization
  • Powerful spatial data creation capabilities to solve a wide variety of business problems
  • Centrally managed location data usable across departments and applications
  • Integration of existing spatial data with core enterprise applications to optimize business performance and profitability
  • Integrated location data presented in a user-friendly format

Added Insight Across the Enterprise

Spectrum Spatial enables organizations to deliver location-enriched data capabilities to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Using Spectrum Spatial’s standards-based Web services, businesses can utilize familiar formats and inject new, discrete capabilities into existing business processes and analytical routines – resulting in better decision making without the need for additional specialist cost centers and bespoke applications.