A complete location service tailored to your needs.

Georeferencing services of Raster Images and Vector Data

Creating Uniformity and Consistency from a Variety of Different Data Formats. Digitizing that data into vectors, georeferencing images into their proper spatial location, converting from disparate file formats, or normalizing the datasets to create uniformity. Storage of spatial data into open source databases (PostgreSQL)and publishing by Web or Android applications.
Our Custom made Web Mapping and Android Applications can have as basic map Satelite Image or Aerial Photo Image. In case of Android app, maps can be part of Application, so that user is not bound to be on-line or even in range of its Mobile Network - his location is determined by GPS, and all maps are integrated in Android application. Our solutions are built around open source software(html5, PHP, JavaScript, PostgreSQL) so no licensing is required. Our IT professionals have experience on the latest GIS technology to ensure that our Custom made Applications are user friendly and most up-to-date applications in the industry.