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Zvezdara IPP

The IPP application is intended for early warning of dropping out of the school system. It is recommended to use an updated version of any browser to make the application work as intended.

The IPP application is used to enter and list the data. The application contains a data listing module, search, file upload module, print module, export module (xls, csv, pdf) and module which is intended for administration.

Data entry and listing is conceived through two ranks of tables. The basic table holds elementary data and is named "basic data on the student". Other related data are within subtables and are in the form of details that corespond to base table and are linked to it via ID.

After accessing the application through the internet browser, the user login form opens where is necessary to enter username and password.

After logging in, a page opens with a list of all entries made by the logged in user, as well search for entries on the left. No entries made by other users are visible. Default active search criteria are predefined and can be expanded by selecting from the drop-down menu. You can also modify the function of the search by choosing to process all the criteria with "or" or "and".

After entering the search text and clicking on the search button, the search results are listed in the central part of the window. The result of the overlap with the search criteria is marked in red.

Clicking on the colored button with a number opens subtables that are grouped by tabs that hold further details related to the basic table "basic information about the student". The subtables are:
1. basic information about the family
2. other children from the family
3. assessment of IST members
4. required support activities
5. review of the realization of individual lessons
6. Review of the implementation of support measures
The numbers seen at the top of the main tab indicate how many entries are made.

Clicking on the edit button opens the possibility of changing the entered data. On the same screen it is possible to change the data in subtables. Clicking the preview button opens the data preview. Unlike the initial view, this one is an overview on the series of main data and all the data entered in the subtable.

Data entry is done in several ways: by typing text, radio button, checkboxes where it is possible to mark more fields and by selecting predefined answers from the drop-down menu.

A specific entry is related to working with files. Files are uploaded to the server with the click of a button opening the system file manager window. You need to find the desired file on local computer. The file can also be dragged to the field marked with "drag files here"

After entering the basic data and clicking on the button, the data is stored in the database and the possibility of entering additional data in subtables is opened.

Subtable data can also be entered from the basic overview of student data, ie. from the initial page opened by application.